Physical Examinations And Annual Check-ups

Dr. Dan Bishwakarma and his staff offer comprehensive physical examinations and annual checkups to patients in and around Alexandria, Virginia. Patients are encouraged to visit Prime Medical Care, LLC, for all of their physical examinations and annual checkups.

Physical Examinations and Annual Checkups Q & A

What is involved in a physical examination?

Dr. Bishwakarma offers annual and periodic physical exams to all patients. During these visits, he tries to explore risks factors for preventable diseases based on patient’s personal, social and family history. In addition, he gives sports physical exam, pre-employment physical exam and preoperative physical exams. An annual checkup or physical examination normally involves checking a patient’s vital signs, performing necessary screenings for cancer and other health conditions, and evaluating the person’s general health. If the physical is related to athletics or a work-related examination, their heart rate, respirations, and dexterity may also be evaluated. While an annual physical is used to uncover potential health problems, sports and work-related physicals are used to determine if a person is fit enough to participate in strenuous levels of activity. A thorough physical examination can uncover a variety of issues such as hernias, digestive disorders, and joint conditions.

What is a pre-operative clearance exam?

Dr. Bishwakarma conducts pre-operative exams frequently. A pre-operative clearance exam is performed prior to any type of surgery. Dr. Bishwakarma will evaluate the patient’s overall health to determine whether or not their body can withstand the upcoming procedure. If a person shows signs of an infection or any other type of health condition that may affect how they respond to the anesthesia, the doctor may recommend postponing the procedure until the condition has cleared up. He also refers patient to a cardiologist, a pulmonologist or other specialist as needed based on the medical history of patient and risks involved with operation.

Why are sports and work-related exams essential?

Athletic activities and work responsibilities may require a person to maintain a certain degree of health and physical fitness. Sports and work-related physicals evaluate a person’s overall health and also check for potential problems with movement or the structure of the body. It’s important to eliminate any potential health risks prior to the patient participating in any type of strenuous activity. If a health problem is detected, it can be treated and the patient can be re-evaluated. Sports and work-related physicals are designed to prove that a person is fit enough to perform a specific job. This protects both the patient and the company if an accident or injury occurs while the person is performing their duties.