Based on the age, gender, and personal & family history of patient, Dr. Dan Bishwakarma and the staff of Prime Medical Care, LLC, perform screening exams and tests for major cancers such as prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, blood cancer etc. He refers patient to corresponding specialist doctors if a cancer is detected or suspected. The doctor welcomes residents from the Alexandria, Virginia area to visit the facility for all types of examinations and testing procedures.

Cancer Q & A

What are common types of cancer screenings?

Cancer screenings are extremely important in identifying potential risks and detecting cancers in their earliest stages. During a physical or annual health examination, there are normally 3 types of cancer screenings taken to detect any possible changes that could lead to an increased risk of cancer. Breast, colon, and prostate cancer screenings are easily performed in the doctor’s office. A breast cancer screening, or mammogram, may need to be scheduled at a local hospital or another facility that performs diagnostic imaging. Certain blood tests can also be performed to identify potential changes in hormones or abnormal cell formations.

Why is early detection the key to saving lives?

It’s extremely important to diagnose cancer in its earliest stages. The earlier the cancer is found, the more treatment options Dr. Bishwakarma has to choose from. If a tumor is identified as cancer, it can be removed if it is small and the cells haven’t started to travel through the body. If the cancer cells have moved into the lymph nodes, simple surgery is no longer an option. Once cancer has become advanced, certain types of treatment are no longer effective. Annual cancer screenings can identify abnormal cell activity or changes in tissues that lead Dr. Bishwakarma to believe that cancer cells have started to grow or spread through the body.

What treatment options are available other than chemotherapy?

While chemotherapy may be effective at reducing the size of tumors or stopping the spread of certain types of cancers, it does have side effects. Alternative cancer therapies may be more effective during the beginning stages of cancer growth. Strengthening the immune system and surgically removing tumors and sections of abnormal tissues are simple ways to improve the body’s health, giving it the strength it needs to fight cancer and withstand more potent types of cancer treatments. Each person will respond differently to chemotherapy and alternative treatment options. Early detection allows for more treatment options and a more powerful approach to controlling the spread of cancer.